• Ongoing medical care requires regular review, assessment and monitoring. Infants, children and teens are constantly changing individuals who are growing and developing rapidly. As such their medical requirements also change. Most medication need monitoring, dosage adjustment and frequent clinical assessments. Some also require additional Government Authority Approval, which may not always be granted.
  • Therefore requests for prescriptions to be posted, faxed or collected can not always be accommodated.


  • Due to counselling and possible additional investigations which may be required, results from medical tests can not be provided on the phone.
  • At the time medical investigations are ordered, a follow-up appointment will be arranged. Potentially this can be done via video-call/ phonecall. Please arrange the follow-up after your appointment.
  • An earlier appointment time will be scheduled should results require urgent medical attention.
  • Your referring doctor usually will be sent a copy of your child's medical investigation results. If all was within normal limits your local doctor may inform you regarding the results.


  • Consultation letters are customarily sent to the referring doctor after each appointment. It is the referring doctors decision to release information contained in this report.
  • Alternatively you can arrange a review time with me to get letters and results explained via a video/ skype consultation. Please arrange this with our reception staff.
  • At the initial appointment, you will be asked for written consent to exchange relevant information with other professionals involved in your child's care. This may involve your child's principal, school Ccounsellour and/ or class teacher.
  • A letter detailing diagnosis and outcomes from the consultation may be sent to your child's school at your request. You reserve the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Forms and documents directly relating to your child's health will only be completed during appointment time due to the extra time and effort involved. Alternatively you may ask your GP to complete these.


  • Failure to attend appointments inconveniences other patients, practice staff and denies other patients the opportunity to access medical care earlier.
  • It is your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time.
  • To support you, we will contact you by sms and email to confirm your appointment details a few days before scheduled. Please ensure you have a message bank or similar facilities.
  • Any patient who fails to attend their scheduled appointment time and fail to give prior notice (either by phone 0466099933 or email of their absence at least 24hours before the scheduled appointment, will be charged a cancellation fee. This is usually $100/ or $50 depending on their appointment duration and will be donated towards charity.
  • A further appointment will only be given after the cancellation fee has been paid.
  • If three appointments were missed without 24hours notification, no further appointments will be given.
  • It is the carer's responsibility to ensure a valid referral is obtained prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • If you are running late for your appointment, no extra time can be allowed as this is unfair to following patients. The fee for the scheduled appointment would still be charged.
  • You are always welcome to discuss additional issues in an extra appointment if required. (To emphasise: there is the facility of video-consultation)


  • Some parenting relationships end in separation. Conflict and communication breakdown can occur.
  • Problems with development, learning and behaviour are more difficult to diagnose in children during these times of conflict.
  • Children with special needs may be particularly more vulnerable and require further consideration of their needs.
  • Cooperation between parents should be in the best interest of their children and necessary for accurate assessment and therapeutic management. Sharing information between parents should occur directly.
  • Where specific interventions are considered, like prescription of non-essential medication, our default position is not to proceed unless both parents are in agreement.
  • Exceptions to this policy may arise depending on the medical needs of the child or if there are legal guidelines in place (such as court orders).
  • The safety and wellbeing of the child or young person is important. If risk is suspected or a child's safety is under threat, we are legally obliged to report the matter to the Family Services Department (FaCS). Our responsibility is to the child and not to either parent.
  • Where the purpose of the appointment is to generate information for legal decision making around custody requirements of parental separation we do not take referrals.  These issues should be decided by the Family Law Court.
  • It is not our clinical routine service, to provide reports to solicitors and courts for the purposes of assisting with legal proceedings. If such report is to be provided, it needs to be negotiated independent of child related medical services.  We reserve the right to refuse to do this reports.